About Us

The Tamar Valley Weed Strategy is a community based organisation that is trying to combat the spread of weeds within the Tamar Valley region. The concept was originally conceived at a Tamar Valley TFGA meeting and has received tremendous support from a whole range of groups and individuals, from heavy and light industry, landcare groups, municipal councils, the TFGA, Federal and State Governments and individual land owners and farmers

The Tamar Valley Weed Strategy varies greatly from past programs as all decisions are made by the land managers themselves and does not rely on a set of rules being imposed by government or other authorities. It is effectively using community feelings of ownership and cooperation and as such is seen as a pilot scheme for weed management within Tasmania and Australia. It is also making the best use of our most important resource, the people who usually have the most local knowledge about their land.

The strategy aims at decreasing the weed load within our area by enabling land managers and community groups to map their present problems and feed in that information into a computer based graphical information system (GIS). This will enable the community to have an overall view of the weed situation as it is and also to measure the success of any programs undertaken.

The field work has only just begun and will be a very intensive operation over the next 12 months. Each mapping contribution, no matter how small, will be vital to producing an accurate and informative picture of the weed situation as it stands. We are supplying land holders and managers with a map of their property overlaid on an enlarged aerial photo plus a back up of technical help with the survey technique and plant identification. This ensures that the people participating feel confident in locating problem areas on their properties and that we can feel confident of getting accurate information on size and locations.

An important part of the operation of the Tamar Valley Weed Strategy is to disseminate the most up to date information available on weeds, their identification, the choices available for their management and the implications of weed infestations. While not actually producing the technical information (courtesy of DPIWE and others) we present it in a user friendly way. Educational material is being produced for schools and interested groups.

The Tamar Valley Weed Strategy is a long term, innovative program aiming to protect and improve our impressive natural surroundings. It allows land mangers within an area to formulate their weed programs in a coordinated way and to assess their overall success. The need for community resourcing and the fostering of a more cooperative and coordinated approach will be important issues for the strategy.

Public forums are held at various times in the region. If you are interested in attending and/or being involved, please contact us.