Ragwort Flea Beetle

Ragwort Flea Beetles are a little larger than normal dog fleas. They jump when disturbed and so are hard to see on the Ragwort plants.

The adults feed on the Ragwort rosettes in summer but do negligible damage. It is the lava that feed inside the stems and root system of the plant over winter that do the damage.

Typically, it is sometimes 3 to 4 years before there is any noticeable effect on the Ragwort. Then, once flea beetles have reached a critical number all of a sudden Ragwort infestations can be devastated. In some areas, 95% control has been achieved in 6 Years.

Ragwort Flea Beetle program has been undertaken by the Dept. of Primary Industries and Fisheries (Dr. John Ireson), from a research program sponsored by the Tasmania Dairy Industry.



  • Local populations available.
  • Release dates: from late December until end of March.