Kings Bridge Reserve

Description: Kings Bridge Reserve Revegetation and Weed Control

Issue: Manual removal, herbicide control and mulching of weeds; Site revegetation using local Tasmanian Flora; and Demonstration site to exhibit Tasmanian Flora replacements for invasive exotic plant species.

Object: To remove the bulk weed material, by hand, from the reserve area known to be a potential habitat for Plomley’s Trap Door Spider and the Cataract Gorge Snail with the aim of restoring native vegetation. Through weed removal the reduction of weed seed contaminants entering the Tamar River and subsequent riparian zone can be achieved. Revegetation of the site is essential in maintaining soil stability and retaining moisture for habitat of threatened species.

Outcome: To remove weeds and replace with Tasmanian Native plant species, providing a high profile example of revegetation and regeneration of a previously highly degraded site. The example of Tasmanian Flora will provide inspiration and education to local residents (and visitors) for inclusion in home gardening.



Cost ($):

Tamar Valley Weed Strategy 10 days    2,800
Green Reserves 4 days    2,560
Launceston City Council 6 days    1,680
Parks & Wildlife Service 3 days       840
Conservation Volunteers 10 days    4,400
Taz Wild Plants 1 day       280
Total 34 days $12,560


Signage (TNRM)                      1,000
Star Pickets (PWS)                     12
Herbicide (PWS)                          65
Herbicide (TVWS)                        30
Mulch (LCC)                              375
Plants (TNRM)                           700
Contract Weed Control             1,500
Refuse Removal (LCC)             1,000

Total Input:                           $4,682
Total Project Costs:             $17,242

Tamar Valley Weed Strategy would like to sincerely thank:

  • Sarah Canham of Tamar NRM for a helping hand in grant preparation and site surveys to get this project underway,
  • Peter Heading and Jim Bonar and their enthusiastic teams of Conservation Volunteers and Green Corp who undertook the bulk of the back-breaking work of weed removal,
  • Denis Leonard of Conservation Volunteers Australia for always finding that little bit more time in the teams schedule to send them to the Park,
  • Our team of Green Reserves who have adopted yet another site as their own,
  • Launceston City Council staff Chris Moore, Peter Mills and Trevor Galbreith for providing materials, support and maintenance at the site (and the metres of mulch,
  • Parks and Wildlife staff Gary Hutchison & Chris Kirk for providing support, supervision, materials and “power tools”,
  • Janie Dickinson for fuelling the enthusiasm of our volunteers,
  • And a special thanks to Lindsey Nicolson for guidance and supply of some beautiful Tasmanian Flora and a plan on where to and how to plant them!

Project Contacts:

Ashley Bastock, Project Manager Tamar Region Natural Resource Management Strategy, PO Box 396 Launceston TAS 7250. Ph: (03) 6323 3310

Chris Moore, Bushland Coordinator – Launceston City Council, PO Box 396, Launceston TAS 7250. Ph: (03) 6323 3619

Stan Matsuzak, District Manager (Central/North) – Parks and Wildlife Service – DPIWE, PO Box 46, Kings Meadows TAS 7250. Ph: 1300 368 550

Denis Leonard, State Manager – Conservation Volunteers Australia, PO Box 529, Launceston TAS 7250. Ph: (03) 6343 0700

Luke Miller, Green Reserves Coordinator – Conservation Volunteers, PO Box 529, Launceston TAS 7250. Ph: (03) 6343 0700

Lee Adamson Ringk
Coordinator – Tamar Valley Weed Strategy
30 th October 2002