Rowella Landcare Group

At present, the Rowella Landcare Group, in conjunction with Tamar Region Natural Resource Management, Tamar Valley Weed Strategy and D.P.I.W.E (Weed Management), (Parks and Wildlife Service), and West Tamar Council, is working on weed issues in the Camms Rd. Reserve, Rowella.

So far there have been three Working Bees. Work has started on the removal of weeds endangering the trees on the river bank i.e. Passionfruit vine, Cape ivy, as well as cutting and painting broom, hawthorn and briar rose.

Regeneration planting will begin in those areas that have been cleared of weeds. Local seeds will be used in seed mats on the steep banks and Tasmanian native plants local to the area will be planted.

ENQUIRIES re Working bees etc. Please contact M. Brodie. Telephone 63 947 175.