Mirror bush

Coprosma repens
Family: Rubiaceae

Growth Habit: Mirror bush can grow up to 8m in height, although it is almost always seen as a shrub between 1 and 2 metres. It was formerly a common garden plant, however it now exists in significant naturalised infestations in bushland.

Type of Plant: A dense evergreen shrub or tree, with shiny, deep green leaves.

Flowers: Inconspicuous flowers occur along the stem, but are normally hidden by the dense outer foliage.

Fruit/Seed: Many small seeds are produced in bright red berries.

Dispersal: Birds eat the berries and later pass the seeds.

Distribution: Found throughout Tasmania in gardens, amenity plantings and bushland.

Status: Undeclared in Tasmania.

Weed Impact:

  • Mirror bush is capable of forming dense colonies in native bushland, displacing native flora and fauna.

For further information contact the Department of Primary Industry, Water and Environment, Tasmania.

Control Methods:

  • Grubbing (all year). Small plants/ seedlings.
  • Herbicide (summer, spring and autumn). Herbicides registered in Tasmania include glyphosate and triclopyr + picloram. The cut-stump technique is useful on larger plants.

N.B. Always check the herbicide label before use.