Tamar Valley Weed Strategy


The idea behind the Tamar Valley Weed Strategy is to provide up to date identification and control information on weeds that are known or likely to be in the Tamar Valley to assist with eradication and to stop their spread. Another important aspect of the strategy is to coordinate control programs across land management tenure and secure funding for weed education and control programs to asist land owners/managers and community groups.

The Tamar Valley Weed Strategy has received tremendous support from a whole range of groups and individuals: landcare groups, municipal councils, Federal and State governments, individual landowners and farmers, Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association, and heavy and light industry.

Tamar NRM

…through onground work, education programs, funding, partnerships and the Tamar NRM Weeds Working Group and Tamar Valley Weed Strategy, strives for the removal and eradication of a variety of weeds in the Tamar Region with considerable success.

Weeds to ‘keep your eyes peeled’ for throughout the year are:

  • Boneseed – Boneseed Blitz in September/October
  • Bridal Creeper – An emergent weed that could become a big problem
  • Paterson’s Curse – information flyer is available for the community
  • Ragwort – Three Ragwort Raids are held in January annually (one on East Tamar, one on West Tamar and one in Launceston)
  • Serrated Tussock – field days organised to inform the community and control on impacted properties