Community Projects

There are many community groups undertaking a wide range of weed related projects. Some are broad scale, like Tamar NRM’s Ragwort Raid and Boneseed Blitz, and others are localised to an area or reserve. It is this volunteer effort that helps manage weeds in public reserves, roadsides and on private land across the Tamar.

The community also assists with weed management in through the reporting of weed hotspots, emergent weeds and/or individual plants of highly invasive species. This allows for the mapping of weeds in the region, removal of emergent and individual weeds and formulation of a weed management and action plans. 

As with many things, resources are limited within councils, agencies, community and not-for-profit groups, and landholders. Therefore, priorities need to be made as to where funding and labour is directed. This may be towards a weed that is likely to have a large impact on biodiversity or agriculture or other land management aims, or an emergent weed to stop it before it spreads, or to a keen group who are providing an important service to the whole community by keeping weeds down in an area. We can all do our bit by managing weeds on our own properties, volunteering with a community group or project, removing weeds when we see them, and reporting them to authorities and land managers.

How to Help?

  • Volunteer on a Ragwort Raid in January/February
  • Volunteer during the Boneseed Blitz September/October
  • George Town Coastal Community Management Group
  • Volunteer with your local Landcare Tasmania Group
  • Report a weed in the Tamar NRM.
  • Need help identifying a weed, search through the weeds on this website or send some photos to Tamar NRM.