George Town Coastal Community Management Group


The George Town Coastal Management Group (GTCMG) is a bottom up, community led, working group made up of members and partnerships between the communities of Bellingham, Weymouth, Lulworth, Beechford, Bell Buoy Beach, Low Head and Hillwood plus representatives of Tamar NRM (facilitators), George Town Council and Parks and Wildlife.

The philosophy of the GTCMG is always to be strategic. The group is guided by the George Town Coastal Management Plan, which was initially developed by the group in 2005 and has been regularly updated since (latest review 2015/16). The plan is the first truly community driven coastal management plan in Tasmania. It is an important resource to guide future community action and assist government and local planning authorities in the ongoing management of coastal areas within the George Town municipality.


Sitting along side the George Town Coastal Management Plan is the George Town Coastal Action Plan (last reviewed in 2018), a non-statutory, community driven and developed document that aims to preserve the natural values of the George Town coastal region by addressing management issues in a coordinated and systematic manner. This action plan presents the latest reviewed on-ground works consistent with aims of the George Town Coastal Management Plan and covers the Coastal Reserves, Recreation Reserves and some areas of unallocated Crown Land in the coastal areas of Bellbuoy Beach, Beechford, Low Head, Lulworth, Tam O’Shanter, Hillwood, Weymouth and Bellingham.

On-ground activities undertaken by the local communities involved in the GTCMG involve: revegetation projects, weed removal and track maintenance. Building strong working relationships and networks between these local community groups and the management authorities involved is essential to the success of the Management Plan and Action Plan. Community consultation has been of utmost importance during the formulation of these document, as the Action Plan’s implementation schedule is largely be “driven” by local residents.

George Town Coastal Management Group Action Plan Launch_TNRM