Tamar NRM Boneseed Blitz


Tamar NRM and its partners have been holding the annual Boneseed Blitz over the months of September and October since 2005.

This event, organised by Tamar NRM, is supported by the City of Launceston, West Tamar, and Georgetown Councils, Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and Environment, Parks and Wildlife Service, State Growth and various individuals, businesses, community and Landcare groups.

For maximum effectiveness, removal or treatment of Boneseed prior to seeding is the aim. Boneseed is easy to identify when it flowers, mid-spring to early summer. Tamar NRM uses this time to educate the community about Boneseed (some people still have it in their gardens) and encourage community groups, schools, businesses and individuals to help with on-ground control of Boneseed across the Tamar.

As part of the Boneseed Blitz each year, Tamar NRM organise dedicated Boneseed Blitz days, at least one in City of Launceston, one in West Tamar and one in George Town council areas where they invite volunteers to come help hand pull and cut and paint the weed. These are usually in areas of known high Boneseed infestations on public land. Occasionally Tamar NRM have organised business working bees, such as with BOAGs Brewery, where staff have come and volunteered their time for a few hours of weeding.

Boags Boneseed 2019