Lantana camara
Family: Verbenaceae

Growth Habit: Lantana is a heavily branched shrub that grows in compact clumps, dense thickets or as a scrambling/climbing vine.

Type of Plant: Lantana is a perennial shrub and is usually multi-stemmed.

Flowers: Lantana comes in a variety of colours ranging from pale cream, to yellow, white, pink, orange red, lilac or purple. The colour can be used as an indication of the level of toxicity also. Lantana flowers throughout the year and the tiny flowers are grouped in clusters approximately 2.5cm in diameter.

Fruit/Seed: Lantana plants have glossy rounded fruit which are fleshy and purplish/black when ripe.

Dispersal: Reproduces mainly by seed.

Distribution: Located in coastal and sub-coastal areas of Eastern Australia from North Queensland to Southern New South Wales. This plant can survive on dry hillsides to wet heavily shaded gullies.

Status: Lantana is a Weed of National Significance.

Weed Impact:

  • Many biotypes are poisonous to stock
  • Can adapt to a variety of habitats

Information referenced from “Queensland Government, Department of Natural Resources Pest Fact No PP34.”