Parkinsonia aculeata
Family: Caesalpiniaceae

Growth Habit: Parkinsonia is a hairless shrub or small tree with zigzag branches that have sharp spines. Tiny leaflets are located on leaf branches, 20-40cm long.

Type of Plant: A perennial shrub or tree.

Flowers: A yellow, five petalled fragrant flower. Each is located on a long, slender drooping stalk.

Fruit/Seed: Hard, oval shaped seeds that approximately 15mm long. The seeds are contained in a pencil-like pod 5-10cm in length. Seeds can remain viable for many years.

Dispersal: Seeds can float in water and can spread over several kilometres.

Distribution: Parkinsonia is found in Central Queensland and the Gulf of Carpentaria. It has the potential to further effect the Gulf Region, Channel country and Lake Eyre catchment due to its dispersal method.

Status: Parkinsonia is a Weed of National Significance.

Weed Impact:

  • Impenetrable, thorny thickets obstruct access
  • Can flower by second year of growth and then in any season
  • Can provide shelter for feral pigs
  • Can adapt to a wide range of soil types

Information referenced from “Queensland Government, Department of Natural Resources Pest Fact No PP36.”