Drill and Fill / Cut and Fill

These methods are used for trees and woody plants with stems or trunks greater than 5 cm in circumference. These methods are only suitable for trees and shrubs that can be safely left to die and rot.

Drill and fill, also referred to as tree injection, uses a battery-powered drill to drill downward angled holes into the sapwood approximately 5 cm apart. Using a backpack reservoir and syringe deliver a measured dose of herbicide solution into each hole. Apply herbicide as soon as you can after drilling.

Cut and fill, or frill and fill, allows herbicide to be applied to the vascular tissue layer below the bark. Use an axe or tomahawk to cut horizontal cuts into the sapwood around the circumference of the trunk at waist height. Once you have cut into the trunk, angle the axe head out to make a downward angled pocket to allow the herbicide to pool. Leave a space between each cut so you do not entirely ringbark the tree, to increase uptake of herbicide. Fill each pocket with herbicide solution.

If you need to fell the tree or shrub, wait for it to completely die before felling.