Foliar Spray

Foliar spraying Ricegrass using a backpack spray unit.

Spraying foliage with diluted herbicide is most suitable for shrubs, grasses and dense vines less than 6 m in height. It is especially useful when infestations are large or dangerous to reach. The benefits of spraying is that it is quicker and often more cost effective than other forms of weed control. The disadvantages include the potential for spray drift and off-target damage to other plants and also animals.

Caution must be taken with regards to wind speed and direction and spray application to reduce the risks to surrounding areas including native bush, waterways and neighbouring crops. 

Herbicide application is done using a spray of chemical diluted to specifications on the label to the point of run-off (until every leaf is wetted, but not dripping). 

The spray unit you use will depend on the amount and type of weed you need to spray and access to site. Foliar spraying can be done a number of ways, including:

  • blanket spraying using a boom spray from a tractor
  • a hose and handgun spraying solution from a herbicide tank
  • a backpack spray unit
  • with splatter guns (larger droplets at higher concentrations) for regrowth.

Tamar NRM has a spray trailer, backpack spray units and a splatter gun available for hire in the Tamar. Please contact Tamar NRM on 03 6323 3310 for more detail.